70 Million Jobs

Have a criminal record? Need a job? You are not alone – according to 70millionjobs.com, there are 70 million Americans in the same situation. The website, created by a former Wall Street trader incarcerated for securities fraud, acts as a clearing house for job applicants and employers transparent about criminal record pasts. The principles of the organization:

• That having served a sentence, a person should be able to get on with his or her life.

• That past mistakes should not define life in the future.

• That all people have a right to a good job, decent housing, competent medical care and other human needs.

• That we will run our business transparently, with integrity and compassion.

• That the formerly incarcerated deserve the right to vote.

• That all folks that have done time are our brothers and sisters and that we’re stronger when we work together.

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