Bloomberg News on Juvenile Justice Reform

In a recent three-part series by Jessica Da Silva , Bloomberg News covers three different aspects of juvenile justice reform efforts in the US:

First “Clarity, Creativity Combat Ills of Juvenile Fines, Fees” looks at the negative impact of fines and fees on juvenile offenders and their families, focussing on Georgia as an example.

Second, “Educating Juveniles Stymied by Punishment-First Approach” examines the tension between rehabilitation and punishment in the juvenile justice system, using educational opportunity as a case study.

Third, “Advocates Want Juvenile Justice Overhaul, Clash Over Direction” analyzes some of the issues in a major reform effort in Virginia that invested in community-based alternative programming such as alternative placements, treatment for disabilities or substance abuse, and support for reentering communities after incarceration, rather than the historical focus on youth prisons.


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