“Body Bags”

Freelance journalist Pete Earley reports on the NYPD use of body bags to restrain mentally ill individuals. Police refer to the device as “the burrito.” Earley reports:

“The full body restraint bag is being marketed under the name EDP Bag, an acronym for Emotionally Disturbed Person bag, and was created specifically for the NYPD…

The manufacturer said the bags are well ventilated and while incapacitating a person, the fabric is strong and allows fluids to pass through, and can be cleaned and decontaminated easily after each use. Seven handles make it easy to manage and carry.

Community activists said using the bags was both “dehumanizing ” and “dangerous.” Individuals in the midst of a psychological crisis, especially veterans, might associate the EDP bag with a body bag used in wars to transport the dead. Stuffing an individual into a bag results in additional trauma and stress.


A defender of the bags said the restraints were “an imperfect solution to very difficult situations. There are no great options.”


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